CAASE aims

1 Raise awareness of child sexual exploitation through education and campaigning across all communities. It will encourage reporting and promote services to help vulnerable young people.

2 Produce training kits and background factsheets on the issue for faith and community leaders, so they can speak out with knowledge and confidence. It will produce myth-busting material to counter extremist groups who might attempt to exploit the issue in order to divide communities and stir up hatred.

3 Develop a cross-community response, recognising that the victims and perpetrators of child sexual exploitation come from all backgrounds. An effective response requires communities to work together, whilst doing more to raise awareness of this issue within their networks.

4 Promote local CAASE groups in areas where on-street grooming is currently a problem. These groups will be encouraged to raise awareness, report incidents and promote the work of child protection agencies. They will help underline a ‘zero tolerance’ attitude to child sexual exploitation and develop young leaders to take the campaign into their communities.

5 Create a space for dialogue and open discussion between and within local communities, to help break down misconceptions, address real issues of concern and develop more effective cross-community responses.

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