A brilliant launch, now the real work begins

posted by: Nick Lowles, HOPE not hate | on: Friday, 10 May 2013, 20:06

Angela Sinfield gives an emotional account of what she and her daughter experienced.
Angela Sinfield gives an emotional account of what she and her daughter experienced.

Just arriving back into London from what has been a really successful launch of Community Alliance Against Sexual Exploitaton (CAASE) on Bradford today. Well over 100 people attended, as did five TV crews and numerous journalists.

Speaking at the event was Ralph Berry (lead member for Children's Services on Bradford Council), Chief Superintendent Angela Williams, from Keighley, Alyas Karmani, (Co-Director of STREET), the Bishop of Bradford, Zulfiqar Karim (Bradford Council for Mosques), Angela Sinfield, Paul Meszaros (Yorkshire HOPE not hate) and Javed Khan (CEO of Victim Support).

Introducing CAASE was Julie Siddiqi and myself.

The event pulled no punches as to the scale of the problem and the work we need to do. However, it also highlighted several really excellent initiatives in Bradford that are already making a real difference.

Angela Sinfield's description of the abuse her daughter suffered and the impact that had on her and the rest of the family was one of the most emotional and haunting speeches I have ever heard. It really put the day into context and reminded us so vividly about why we were so keen to launch CASSE in the first place.

A common theme running through the event was the need for partnership working. Child protection is obviously central to all of this but there is a vital role for communities, the media and other outside agencies.

I will write a more reflective blog over the weekend, and upload some video and photos from today, but in the meantime I would just like to say a big thank you to the speakers and everyone who attended.

The launch was a great success but the much more challenging work of building and supporting local coalitions starts now.

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